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DATE: OCTOBER 30-31, 2013


1100 Texas Avenue
Houston, TX 77002 U.S.A.

Join us October 30-31 as we examine demand growth for LNG fuel in hydraulic fracturing and steps developers are taking to optimize the sites for new liquefaction plants to serve fuel markets. 



Participating Organizations


AGL Resources 

Air Products

American Power Group Inc.

Apache Corporation

Arctas Capital Group, L.P.

Atlas Copco Gas & Process

Baker & McKenzie LLP

Black & Veatch

Baker Botts LLP

Black & Veatch

BNSF Railway


Capstone Turbine Corp.

Caterpillar, Inc.

Chart Energy & Chemicals, Inc.

Chart Industries



CHI Engineering Services, Inc.



CTR, Inc.

Cumberland Gulf Group of Companies


Dominion Transmission Inc.

Dresser-Rand Company

Dyplast Products, LLC

Emerson Process Management

Emmert International

ENN Canada Corp.

Ferus Corporation

Frac Shack America Inc.

General Physics

Genox Transportation, Inc.

GFS Corp

GP Strategies

GTT North America

Gulf Oil Limited Partnership

Heyco Energy Group


Horizon Power Systems


Jack B. Kelley, Inc. A KAG Hwy. Subsidary

Jim Lewis LNG Expertise, PLLC

K D Timmons Inc.

Kiewit Energy

Kiewit Power Engineers

Kirby Corporation


LNG Merchants, LLC

L.P. Transportation, Inc.

Lynx Operating

Lynx Production Company

Martin Energy Services LLC


MPL Technology, Inc.

Noble Energy Inc.

Northstar Industries, Inc.

NSTAR Gas Company

Parkland Fuel Corp

Pioneer Natural Resources

Plum Energy

Prometheus Energy

Puget Sound Energy

Quadren Cryogenic Processing



RWE Supply & Trading

Sancus Energy and Power

Sempra US Gas & Power


Shell Exploration & Production Company

Shell Oil Products US


Solensa SA de CV

Spectrum LNG, LLC

Stabilis Energy

Stewart & Stevenson

Sumitomo Corporation

Team Management and Consulting, LLC


The Cline Group

Thigpen Energy, LLC

Thomas Petroleum

Tredecim Consulting LLC


Vita International, Inc.

Valero Energy Corporation

Weatherford International, Inc.

WWL & Associates, Inc.

Zeus Development Corporation

LNG Fuel Plant Siting Workshop

Approximately 20 new projects to build fuel-scale plants have been annouced in the U.S. and Canada from such firms as Encana, Fairbanks Natural Gas, Noble Energy, Shell, Spectrum LNG, Stabilis Energy, Waller Marine, etc. Manufacturers including Black & Veatch, Chart Industries, Cosmodyne and GE are offering modular skid-mounted liquefaction units to enable faster construction. Yet, challenges remain around site selection, uninterruptible gas supply, feed-gas composition, pressure, variability of fire marshal requirements, staffing and training, traffic constraints, and LN2 availability, among host of other issues.

This one-day workshop will define the issues and offer perspectives on how sites for LNG fuel plants are selected. The workshop will define the issues and offer perspectives on how sites for LNG fuel plants are selected. The workshop is designed to help developers, suppliers, gas marketers, pipeline and regulators identify, evaluate and compare sites.

Workshop Objectives:
  1. Inventory proposed new North American LNG fuel supply projects, including greenfield newbuilds and brownfield expansions.
  2. Identify the key inputs fuel-scale liquefaction plants require, such as compression, electric power, storage, offloading, labor, bulk materials, etc. and their relative economic impact.
  3. Assess local, state and federal regulatory siting requirements.
  4. Consider the benefit of skid-mounted, modular systems relative to field-constructed units.
  5. Develop a guideline for identifying the ideal site.

Program Outline:


8:15 AM
9:00 AM

Welcome, Seminar Introduction

Bob Nimocks, president, Zeus Development Corporation
Nimocks will describe the context for the meeting, review its objectives and agenda.  
9:30 AM

Ferus' LNG Fuel Plant Siting Case Study: Alberta

Stewart Wilson, director, commercial development, Ferus Natural Gas Fuels Inc.  Matt Mathis  
Ferus is a well-known provider of LNG supply and services across North America, managing LNG production, transportation, storage and vaporization assets. In December 2012, Ferus and partner Encana announced plans to build liquefaction capacity near Grande Prairie, Alberta. Stewart Wilson has been asked to discuss this project as well as other LNG supply projects that Ferus is advancing in North America.  
10:00 AM

HEYCO's LNG Fuel Plant Siting Case Study: Eagle Ford Shale

Chris Coleman, president, HEYCO LNG, a subsidary of HEYCO Energy Group Jim Aivalis  
As demand for LNG to fuel drilling and hydraulic fracturing operations has grown, greenfield liquefaction plant developers have advanced initiatives in South Texas where drilling and fracturing activities are growing rapidly the liquids-rich Eagle Ford shale play. Chris coleman will address a greenfield project in South Texas that is expected to achieve commercial operation in 2014.  

10:30 AM
11:00 AM

Noble Energy's LNG Fuel Plant Siting Case: DJ Basin

Sean Howley, Advisor, LNG Commercialization, Noble Energy Sean Howley  
Noble Energy recently awarded Chart Energy & Chemicals a contract to deliver a processing facility to produce approximately 100,000 gallons of LNG per day. The facility will be fully integrated with a new gas processing plant to be located in Weld County, Colorado. Sean Howley has been asked to discuss the project, which is expected achieve commercial operation by late 2014 to service Noble's field operations in the DJ Basin.  
11:30 AM

Spectrum LNG's Three New Plant Projects

Ray Latchem, president, Spectrum LNG Lyle Jensen  
Spectrum LNG is planning plants three, four, and five in Ehrenberg, Ariz., Prudhoe Bay, AK., and Tulsa, Okla. latchem is among the few developers to have successfully established LNG fuel supply plants in North America: one in Point Mackenzie, AK., and Ehrenberg, Ariz. He has been asked to describe his perspectives on successful plant siting.  

Key Issues Going Forward:

12:00 PM

LNG Fuel Plant Siting Opportunities, Challenges

Kenneth L. Paul, analyst, business development, Cosmodyne, committee member, NFPA59A Roy Twymon  
Many LNG fuel plants are proposed in North America. Proponents, however, are running up against a long list of siting issues. Ken Paul has been asked to frame these issues for duscussion during the workshop. He has 47 years experience in desiging and building LNG plants and has been a member of National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 59A for 30 years.  

12:30 PM
2:00 PM


When siting an LNG Plant, developers are faced with complex siting choices. Siting affects construction, permitting, transport, labor costs, staffing requirements, and local traffic. This panel will provide presentation  
Arthur Ransome, VP and general manager, CH-IV International Roy Twymon  
Founded in 1991, CHI-IV International - Maryland-based CH-IV International is a leading provider of consulting services to LNG asset developers, regulators, and lenders, among others. The company has assisted in the siting and design of more than 25 LNG facilities, including export liquefaction plants, receiving terminals, satellite storage and other facilities.  
Tom Quine, president, Northstar Industries Roy Twymon  
Founded in 1996, Massachusetts-based Northstar Industries provides turnkey engineering and construction services for LNG plants and other natural gas facilities. In addition to its ongoing business interests, Northstar Industries is currently developing LNG/CNG facilities in the U.S. as an owner operator along with their parent company, Samson Energy.  

3:00 PM
3:30 PM


A number of leading manufacturers have recognized the potential to assemble and fabricate skid-mounted modules to site LNG-fuel plants quickly and efficiently, cutting the time from final investment decision to first LNG production to less than 18 months. Each panelist has been asked to describe in about 10 minutes his approach to LNG fuel plant siting and the key issues and opportunities he sees. Panel Q&A follow.  
Martin Mahaley, director, LNG transportation, Black & Veatch Roy Twymon  
With Chinese partner, Chemtex, Black & Veatch has constructed and commissioned many fuel-scale liquefaction plants, including more than a dozen in China to supply the country's 8,000 heavy duty LNG-fueled trucks. Martin Mahaley directs Black & Veatch's transportation LNG initiatives with responsobolity for developing natural gas liquefier and transportation fuel-logistics projects in North America.  
Ronald C. Pasadyn PE, manager - LNG Product Development Program, Chart Energy & Chemicals, Inc. Roy Twymon  
On April 3, Stabilis Energy announced plans to build five LNG liquefaction facilities to service the high hoursepower oilfield, marine, and rail-fuel markets, contracting Chart Energy & Chemicals, Inc. (Chart E&C) to perform advance engineering. The company selected Chart's C100N and C250IMR standard LNG liquefaction plants, which produce 100,000 gallons and 250,000 gallons per day of LNG, respectively. Pasadyn will descrube Chart's LNG-fuel plant design.  
Joseph Pak, director, Cosmodyne Joseph Pak  
Cosmodyne has installed more than 450 natural gas liquefiers and air separation plants around the globe. The company optimizes, packages and pre-fabricates its units to reduce costs through standardization of small to mid-sized cryogenic systems.  
Estaban Salas, LNG system - director business development and marketing, Dresser Rand Roy Twymon  
Dresser-Rand has used its compressor, gas engine and control monitoring system to design a transport liquefaction plant with capacity of some 6,000 gallons per day. Teh design employs three to four skid-mounted modules.  

5:00 PM

LNG-Fueled Hydraulic Fracturing Workshop

Due to its transportability, high storage density and rapid delivery, liquefied natural gas (LNG) increasingly is being considered as fuel for hydraulic fracturing operations. As E&P companies seek ways to monetize associated or stranded gas, LNG is becoming more prevalent in shale oil and gas basins. See Oct. 30 workshop for three case studies of LNG-fuel plants being built specifically to serve shale production markets. Roughly 400 hydraulic-fracturing spreads are believed to be in operation in North American basins at any time, consuming between three and four million gallons of diesel (0.42-0.56 billion cubic feet of natural gas) per day. Each frac spread commonly contains between 12 and 20 2,000-2,500HP diesel-powered pumps. Many of the leading E&P companies are testing LNG-fueled fracturing operations. An LNG-fueled frack spread consumes between one and two trailerloads (10,000-20,000 gallons or 0.85-1.7 million cubic feet of natural gas) per day. Engine technologies are being offered by Caterpillar, GE and American Power Group Inc. LNG-delivery systems are being offered by Encana, Linde and Prometheus Energy. Systems include onsite storage tanks with capacities up to 16,000 gallons, vaporizers with flow rates of 31,500 standard cubic feet per hour, gas piping and safety systems.

This one-day workshop will consider the potential for LNG-fueled hydraulic fracturing. Speakers will share experiences from early LNG-fueled field demonstrations. Join us for what promises to be an interesting and enjoyable event.

Workshop Objectives:
  1. Define the challenge of safely fueling highly demanding hydraulic fracturing operations with LNG.
  2. Quantify the size and adoption rate of the market.
  3. Identify the leading owners, oilfield service providers, fuel suppliers, equipment manufacturers.
  4. Inventory key components and their suppliers.
  5. Compare and contrast the advantages/disadvantages of dual fuel relative to spark ignition for frac operations.
  6. Estimate the capex and opex and chronolog the time required to set up an LNG-fueled fracturing operation.
  7. Discuss the likelihood of moving from demonstration to full-fledged LNG adoption.

Program Outline:

  THURSDAY, OCTOBER 31, 2013  

8:00 AM

9:00 AM

9:45 AM

10:45 AM

11:30 PM
1:15 PM

Welcome, Seminar Introduction

Bob Nimocks, president, Zeus Development Corporation Bob Nimocks  
Nimocks will review the objectives for the day's meeting, and overview the conference's agenda.  
1:30 PM

Pioneer’s process for determining where and when to fuel with natural gas

Matt Mathis, Pioneer Natural Resources  Matt Mathis  

Pioneer Natural Resources, a major independent oil and gas producer with operations in the highly prolific Eagle Ford, Barnett and Sprayberry/Wolfcamp shale plays, brings a unique perspective, owning its own service equipment and integrating specialized services. Matt Mathis has been asked to describe how LNG-fueled hydraulic fracturing might enter into Pioneer’s future plans, and what factors guide Pioneer’s decision-making in regard to fueling alternatives in the field, for example, where LNG might make sense, and where pipeline gas makes better sense.

2:00 PM

Apache's Perspectives on Gas-Fueled Hydraulic Fracturing

George E. King, distinguished engineering advisor, Apache Corp.  Georege King  
Apache Corporation, one of the largest independent energy companies, holds interests in asset base of 12.3 million gross acres located in Central U.S., the Permian Basin, and the Gulf Coast onshore and offshore areas and 7 million gross acres in British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. George King has been asked to describe Apache's experience with LNG-fueled hydraulic fracturing.  

2:30 PM

Using Gas-Fueled CAT Engines to Powering Frack Spreads

Scott Roberts, product marketing manager, Caterpillar Inc.  Scott Roberts  
Caterpillar is a leading provider of LNG-fueled engine-generator sets powering drilling and fracturing operations in the shale plays. Scott Roberts has been asked to describe how Caterpillar is positioning to serve this important market and what economic factors are driving decision making in connection with fueling choices.  


3:00 PM
3:30 PM

Expanding LNG's reach to E&P production regions

Jim Aivalis, CEO, Prometheus Energy Jim Aivalis  
Prometheus Energy is one of the largest and fastest growing suppliers of LNG to North America's industrial sector. The company provides turnkey fuel solutions to convert industrial users of diesel, propane and other crude-derived fuels to LNG.  
4:00 PM

Converting Power Systems to Enable Gas-Diesel Flexibility

Lyle Jensen, CEO, American Power Group Inc. Lyle Jensen  
American Power Group is leading the market to convert large stationary engines powering hydraulic fracturing pumps to dual-fuel natural gas and diesel. The company has converted a number of reciprocating engines to dual-fueled natural gas and diesel to power hydraulic fracturing systems.  
4:30 PM

Establishing the LNG Supply Chain 

Roy Twymon, energy solutions business development manager, Linde Roy Twymon  
Linde, a leading industrial gases and cryogenics firm, is expanding rapidly into LNG supply and operations, fueling its own fleet as well as supplying turnkey solutions to other energy consumers. Twymon has been asked to give insights into how Linde is using its unique technology to serve the unique requirements of the hydraulic fracturing market.  

5:00 PM

Tour & Demonstration

The morning of October 31, Applied Cryo Technologies (ACT) in cooperation with Dragon Products will host a tour and demonstration at its South Houston manufacturing facility where the company not only manufactures LNG tank trailers, but also regasification equipment for drilling and fracturing operations. ACT will demonstrate LNG fueling for attendees by pumping and vaporizing LNG from a tank trailer through a regas skid to fuel a Caterpillar 3512 natural gas engine.  This configuration is a popular means of fuel delivery with drilling and fracturing operations.


Tour Schedule : October 31, 2013 Schedule subject to change. Please check back for updates.

  1. Fall clothing is recommended and close-toed shoes are recommended.
  2. Safety glasses and ear protections will be provided on site.
  3. No Cameras and photographing are allowed.

8:00 AM
Registration & Continental Breakfast    

9:00 AM
Bus departs Magnolia Hotel    

9:45 AM
Bus arrives at ACT facility, tour and demonstration    

10:45 AM
Bus departs ACT facility for Magnolia Hotel    

11:30 AM
Hotel arrival    



Jim AivalisJim Aivalis, CEO, Prometheus Energy

Mr. Aivalis joined Prometheus Energy in January 2013 as CEO, bringing over 30 years of domestic and international energy industry experience with a focus on the upstream market. Prior to joining Prometheus Energy, Mr. Aivalis was the CEO and President of ThruBit, LLC, now a Schlumberger company providing drilling technologies to oil and gas operations. Mr. Aivalis’ previous roles include Non-Executive Director of XACT Downhole Telemetry in Calgary, Canada, specializing in acoustic measurement-while-drilling telemetry systems, and Managing Director for one of the energy industry’s leading global pipe and premium connection manufacturers TenarisConnections B.V. Prior to Tenaris, Mr. Aivalis served over 20 years with Schlumberger in a variety of senior management roles, from commercial and technical management to business development. Mr. Aivalis’ intellectual blend of holding five patents, authoring numerous articles, and bringing nascent technologies to the energy markets are unique in the step change of maximizing well construction performance and hydrocarbon production. Mr. Aivalis holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Ocean Engineering from the Florida Institute of Technology.

Prometheus Energy

Chris ColemanChris Coleman, president, HEYCO LNG, a subsidiary of HEYCO Energy Group

Chris Coleman is a senior financial executive with more than 15 years of experience leading companies through strategic, financial, and operational change. He has worked on behalf of lenders, boards of directors, and private equity clients to help lead companies through strategic change, from process reengineering to operational and financial turnarounds. Coleman began his career at Price Waterhouse LLP as a tax manager in its energy practice. He has spent the majority of his career working with Highland Capital Management and its affiliates in both advisory and interim management roles. Prior to joining HEYCO, Coleman worked at AlixPartners as a Director in its Financial Advisory Services practice providing financial and operational advisory and restructuring services. Coleman holds both bachelor's and master's degrees in accounting from the University of Texas at Austin. He earned his CPA in 1994.

Heyco Energy Group

Lyle JensenLyle Jensen, CEO, American Power Group Inc.

American Power Group Inc. (APGI) has developed a joint marketing agreement with Linde, where APGI supplies dual-fuel technology to convert diesel engines to run on natural gas while Linde provides expertise in the supply, production, logistics and on-site application of LNG. Lyle Jensen, President & CEO, will describe the company’s recent progress in drill/frac operations. His business career spans over thirty years of profit and loss responsibility which has included operational turnarounds, entrepreneurial start-ups and M&A activities all driven towards creating shareholder value in both public and private company settings.

American Power Group

George KingGeorge E. King, distinguished engineering advisor, Apache Corp.

George E. King is a registered professional engineer with over 42 years of oil and gas industry experience since joining Amoco Research Center in 1971. His technical work has provided advances in fracturing and well construction risk analysis, underbalanced perforating, sand control reliability, and unconventional formations. Currently, he is working with new technologies for the oil and gas industry. He holds degrees in Chemistry from Oklahoma State University, as well as Chemical Engineering and Petroleum Engineering from the University of Tulsa, where he also taught completions and workovers for 11 years at night as an adjunct professor. He has written 65 technical papers and was awarded the 2004 SPE Production Operations Award and the 2012 Engineer of the Year award from the Houston Region of the Texas Society of Professional Engineers . He is Apache’s Distinguished Engineering Advisor. He lives in Katy, Texas. One of his hobbies is rebuilding vintage Ford Mustangs.

Apache Corporation

Ray LatchemRay Latchem, president, Spectrum LNG, LLC

  • 2011 Developed Spectrum LNG, LLC and restructured Desert Gas into it.  Currently developing three more LNG merchant plants.
  • 2007 Redesigned and spun off an acquired LNG plant into Desert Gas Services, LLC.   Put in service in Ehrenberg, Arizona.  Produces up to 60,000 gallons per day of LNG.
  • 2000 Formed Spectrum Energy Services, LLC to develop LNG related projects.  Holds patent for offshore import terminal.
  • 1998 Developed Fairbanks Natural Gas—LNG supplied LDC in Fairbanks, AK
  • 1992 Developed Northern Eclipse – built LNG Plant in Pt. McKenzie, AK
  • 1985 Developed Norgasco - LDC in Deadhorse/Prudhoe Bay, AK
Spectrum LNG

Matt MathisMartin Mahaley, Black & Veatch


Pioneer Natural Resources

Matt MathisMatt Mathis, Pioneer Natural Resources

Matt Mathis has been a Facilities Engineer with Pioneer Natural Resources since 2012. In that time, Matt has worked to grow Pioneer’s internal alternative fueling infrastructure and usage by managing the construction of three Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fueling facilities and developing metrics for monitoring program performance. He has also worked to explore and analyze integration of alternative fuel options across other areas of company operations including drilling and pressure pumping services with the first dual fuel drilling rig program expected to go online in the 4th quarter of this year.

Prior to joining Pioneer, Matt served for seven years on active duty as an officer in the U.S. Navy. During that period he served as a Surface Warfare Office with a subspecialty in Nuclear Power. He received a B.S. from the U.S. Naval Academy in Systems Engineering and is a graduate of Naval Nuclear Power School.

Pioneer Natural Resources

Rober NimocksRobert M. Nimocks, president, Zeus Development Corp

In 1991, Nimocks founded Zeus Development Corporation to provide information and analysis to clients competing in world gas trade and development. Since the founding, the company has expanded its areas of expertise to include the monetization of other hydrocarbons, such as coal, tar sands and biomass and the commercialization of new technologies to upgrade undervalued hydrocarbons into premium fuels and products. The firm serves some 2,000 customers and clients, including major energy companies, governments, oilfield services firms, etc.  Zeus' extended enterprise includes about 35 staff, executive consultants and independent researchers. Nimocks assists clients in four broad areas:

  1. Natural gas supply: For three large gas-import markets, Chile, Israel, and Italy, Nimocks has assisted utilities and governments identify, assess and negotiate gas supply as well as the construction of infrastructure necessary to import volumes of gas up to 5 billion cubic meters per year (500 million cubic feet per day). 
  2. Feasibility: Nimocks specializes in assisting developers maximize returns on prospective capital projects while preparing feasibility documents that accurately communicate the investment opportunity to banks and third-party investors.
  3. Business expansion: Nimocks has assisted more than 20 manufacturers, process licensors, EPC firms, and investors evaluate and set strategies for growth in the gas-monetization industry.
  4. Investment assessment: Nimocks has assisted numerous institutional investors evaluate equity investment and trading strategies concerning publicly traded competitors in the LNG, gas conversion and E&P industries. He also has assisted banks conduct due-diligence investigations of borrower capital projects, including bond investments.
A former consultant with Accenture, Nimocks earned bachelors degrees in science and business administration from Mississippi State University in 1981 and an MBA from Harvard Business School in 1987.
Zeus Intelligence

Ken PaulRonald C. Pasadyn PE, manager - LNG Product Development Program, Chart Energy & Chemicals, Inc.

Ron Pasadyn is Manager, LNG Product Development Program for the Systems Division of Chart Energy and Chemicals, Inc. During his time in this position he has been instrumental in integrating Chart technologies with their Standard LNG Plant designs, which produce LNG as a replacement fuel for diesel.

Mr. Pasadyn has more than 30 years of process/mechanical design, engineering and construction experience building natural gas and hydrocarbon liquid processing systems including: separation, treating, dehydration, NGL and LPG recovery, LNG, nitrogen rejection, NGL fractionation and treating, inlet/residue/acid gas compression, pipeline pumping, storage, barge/truck/rail loading/unloading, domestic and international, onshore and offshore, facilities. Most of these projects provided significant experience with the execution of projects involving packaged/skidded designs working with major oil and gas companies and numerous mid-stream natural gas producers.

Mr. Pasadyn is a registered professional engineer in the states of Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Alabama, Ohio, and the NCEES International Registry.


Ken PaulKen Paul, business development, Cosmodyne - a Cryogenic Industries Company

Kenneth L. Paul after 47 years with Chart Industries is currently working with Cosmodyne-Designers and builders of LNG and Air Separation Plants-- in the business development area. He has been a member of NFPA 59A for 30 years and was active in the Compressed gas Association for over 40 years.

Mr. Paul started his career with Process Engineering Inc in 1963 and built the first full size LNG Trailers in 1970. He helped develop the first LNG/Ethylene Railcars in 1976 which created the DOT 113 Cryogenic Tank Car Specification. In the late 1980’s he was deeply involved with building the first full size LNG tender for the Union Pacific.


Tom QuineTom Quine, president, Northstar Industries, Inc.

Tom Quine is president and founder of Northstar Industries, LLC (a subsidiary of Tulsa Based Samson Energy).

Like many members of Northstar, Tom has a long history in the natural gas industry. Tom has 35 years of experience ranging from positions at Caputo Construction Company, Essex County Gas and Stone and Webster Engineering.

Northstar Industries, LLC specializes in design, permitting, pre-fabrication, and field installation of LNG and other natural gas facilities. In addition to its ongoing business interests, Samson/Northstar are currently developing LNG/CNG facilities in the U.S. as owner operators. Northstar holds a US Patent # 6,176,046: Portable, Modular, Pre-manufactured, Natural Gas Delivery Systems and a second Patent #6,474,101 on a LNG to compressed natural gas system without a compressor or pump.

Northstar Industries

Arthur RansomeArthur Ransome, VP and general manager, CH•IV International

Arthur is Vice President and General Manager of CH•IV International, a company that provides consulting services to the global LNG industry. In his 30 years of experience in the energy industry Arthur has been responsible for developing and managing power and LNG assets in Europe and the Caribbean. Arthur joined CH•IV International in 2005 and, in addition to his business development responsibilities, he is also managing the preparation of engineering design to permit several LNG import / export terminals in the U.S.A. and managing technical and commercial advisory services that are being provided to international governments of countries that are seeking to develop LNG solutions as part of their energy policies. Most recently, Arthur has been advising clients on regulatory requirements to site and permit land based and marine based LNG facilities, including requirements to comply with 49 CFR Part 193 and NFPA 59A. Arthur holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA) as well as multi-engineering discipline diplomas.

CH-IV International

Curtis Rueter Curtis Rueter, manager, LNG & CNG Development, Noble Energy

Curtis Rueter is the Manager of LNG & CNG Development in the Northern Region for Noble Energy. Mr. Rueter is responsible for developing and implementing Noble’s LNG/CNG strategy for using natural gas as a transportation and motor fuel throughout its operation and in its supply chain. Noble’s initiatives in this area include the ongoing conversion of its lease operator truck fleet to bi-fuel vehicles, the use of LNG in 5 dedicated or dual fuel drilling rigs, and a partnership with local Colorado school districts to convert to CNG school buses. As the owner of a personal NGV (Honda Civic GX), Mr. Rueter recognizes and is committed to the environmental and economic benefits of using natural gas as a transportation fuel.

Mr. Rueter received his B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Texas A&M University.

Noble Energy

Scott RobertsScott Roberts, product marketing manager, Caterpillar Inc.

Scott Roberts is the Well Service Product Marketing Manager in the Caterpillar Global Petroleum Group. He is responsible for developing and executing the global strategy for new product development, and providing application and installation support for Caterpillar products used in hydraulic fracturing and other well service applications.

Scott joined Caterpillar in 2008 as an Engineering Supervisor, responsible for marine and petroleum generator sets and custom petroleum power systems. Prior to Caterpillar, he served eleven years on active duty in the U.S. Navy as a Surface Warfare Officer and Engineering Duty Officer. He earned a B.S. in Naval Architecture from the U.S. Naval Academy and a M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the Naval Postgraduate School.

Caterpillar Logo

Roy TwymonEstaban Salas, LNG Systems: Director Business Development & Marketing, Dresser-Rand

Esteban is responsible for strategic partnerships, sales and marketing for Dresser Rand’s new LNG venture. Mr Salas joined Dresser-Rand Corporation (DRC) in July 2013, bringing more than 10 years experience, launching and acquiring new businesses for Fortune 500 companies. Prior to joining DRC, he worked six years for Air Products where he commercialize new cryogenic technologies, worked as marketing manager for the LNG-equipment business, and co-led the creation of an LNG fuel businesses. Earlier, he worked as a LWD engineer for Halliburton. Esteban holds an MBA from Babson College and a BSCh E from Monterrey Institute of Technology in Mexico.

Dresser Rand

Roy TwymonRoy Twymon, energy solutions business development manager, Linde

Mr. Twymon is responsible for leading Linde’s LNG business effort in the Mid-Continent and Gulf Coast regions. He has more than ten years of diverse experience in the oil and industrial gas industries, having held roles in business development, asset management and energy management. Prior to joining Linde in mid 2012, he worked at Prometheus Energy and Air Liquide. He earned his B.S. in mechanical engineering from North Carolina A&T State University and his MBA from the University of Houston.

Linde Logo

Stewart WilconStewart Wilson, director, commercial development, Ferus Natural Gas Fuels Inc.

Stewart Wilson leads commercial development for Ferus Natural Gas Fuels Inc., a North American leader in the provision of natural gas for high horsepower (HHP) fueling applications. In his role, Stewart is responsible for bringing to market LNG and CNG production and distribution projects for oil and gas, mining, marine, off-road trucking, industrial and other HHP applications. Joining Ferus in 2006, Stewart has filled various analytical and commercial development roles in business development, sales and marketing and operations. Most recently, Stewart has played a role bringing liquefied natural gas and compressed natural gas projects to realization across North America. Stewart holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree in finance from the University of Alberta.

Ferus Natural Gas Fuels Logo

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LNG Used in Six Out of Eleven Gas-Fueled Fracking Projects, Zeus Survey Finds


HOUSTON, July 31, 2013 – With some six percent of North America’s 1,200 land drilling rigs now fueling with natural gas, North American exploration and production companies are turning their attention to gas-fueled hydraulic fracturing (fracking).  A survey conducted by energy researcher, Zeus Development Corp, has identified six out of eleven gas-fueled fracking projects where liquefied natural gas (LNG) will replace diesel.  Representatives from Apache, Pioneer Natural Resources, Linde, Prometheus and American Power Group (OTC:APGI) will discuss these projects during an industry meeting on Oct. 31.  See www.zeusintel.com/gasfrack to obtain a copy of the survey and learn about the meeting.

“LNG is the fuel of choice for hydraulic fracturing because it gives the operator the flexibility to deliver high volumes on short notice,” said Siyu Chen, lead LNG fuel analyst at Zeus.  “A typical frack spread consisting of 50,000 to 70,000 horsepower will consume several trailerloads of LNG, then shut down to reposition to a new site. Out of the eleven projects we surveyed, six were LNG, three pipeline gas, one CNG and one has yet to be determined.”

According to industry estimates, some 1.2 billion gallons of diesel are consumed by North American hydraulic fracturing systems annually.  At any given time, 300 to 400 units are in operation, fracturing rock formations to yield oil and natural gas. LNG can cut fuel costs by a third. Industry estimates peg potential savings at more than a billion dollars per year if all fracking spreads are converted to gas.

            To evaluate the growing number of projects and examine this emerging trend, Zeus will host a one-day LNG-fueled hydraulic fracturing workshop in Houston. The meeting will bring together E&P firms, fracking providers, fuel suppliers and technology vendors to examine the trend. More information available at www.zeusintel.com/lngshale or by contacting FehYee Siow at 713-952-9500.

Click here to download the survey.

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