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DATE: JUNE 25-26, 2013


14703 Park Row
Houston, TX 77079 U.S.A.

Join us June 25-26 as we learn about new technologies to enable fleets and industry to expedite LNG fuel use. 



Participating Organizations

Air Flow North America

Applied Cryo Technologies

Applied Natural Gas Fuels, Inc.

Argent Marine

Arup Energy

Baker Hughes Inc.

BASE Engineering

BNSF Railway



Braemar Techncial Services (Engineering), Inc.

Carib Energy (USA) LLC

Caterpillar Inc.

CCH Equipment Co.

Chart Industries-LNG solutions

CH-IV International


CPD Alaska LLC

Crowley Solutions

Cryoquip, Inc.

CryoSystems International

D&H United Pump Supply

Daihatsu Diesel MFG.CO.,LTD

Dougherty & Company

Dresser-Rand Company

Earthshine Corporation

Ebara International Corporation

Emerson Process Management

Encana Natural Gas Inc.

Ensign United States Drilling, Inc.

ESC/ Redstone Aerospace - Kennedy Space Center


Excelerate Energy LP

Gas Innovations

GE Oil & Gas

Genox Transportation, Inc.

Government of Jamaica

GTM Manufacturing

Hess Corporation

Hritcko Energy Services, LLC



Jack B. Kelley, Inc. A KAG Highway Subsidiary

John W. Stone Oil Distributor LLC

Kauai Island Utility Cooperative (KIUC)

Kiewit Oil, Gas and Chemical

Kirby Inland Marine, LP

Linde LLC

Liquiline Group

LNG Central

Lockheed Martin

Marine Service GmbH

Martin Energy Services

McAda Fluids Heating Services

Mitsubishi International Corporation

Noble Energy

O'Rourke Petroleum

Patrick LaStrapes Energy & Environment

Pivotal LNG

Plum Energy

Prometheus Energy

Shell Oil

Specialty Trailer Leasing

Spectrum LNG, LLC

Sumitomo Corporation

Sumitomo Corporation of America


Texas A&M

Transgas, Inc.

TransWorld Equipment Corp

Triple G Drive-Away Inc.

WesMor Cryogenic Manufacturing

Wison Offshore &Marine (USA) Inc.

Zeus Development

Expediting LNG Fuel Delivery with Mobile Fuelers

Mobile fueling units expedite LNG-fuel delivery to fleets and industry. These units are being used most often to serve mobile consumers with open routes, including highway transport fleets, drilling rigs, and marine fleets. Encana, Clean Energy Fuels, Gulf Oil, and Gaz Metro are among those increasingly inventorying them for quick dispatch.  They often can be deployed in less than 48 hours.

This one-day meeting will bring together users, fuel providers, manufacturers and technologists to discuss how mobile fueling units can be used to expand LNG delivery.  Units will be on display for viewing. Presentations will describe lessons learned, latest advancements and future applications.

Join us as we review this important technology and its future direction as more ships, railroads, mining/quarrying operations and industrial consumers adopt LNG.

Workshop Objectives:
  1. Review the key elements of mobile fuelers, compare various designs and their advantages and disadvantages
  2. Learn how fleets are using mobile fuelers in their operations in a range of different applications
  3. Identify leading manufacturers and suppliers
  4. Discuss how to size and site mobile fuelers for varying fleet requirements
  5. Hear about safety, operational and siting requirements
  6. Evaluate capital and operating costs of mobile fuelers relative to stationary fuel stations
  7. Learn of lead times and performance from fleets that rely on the technology
  8. Identify and discuss new markets

Program Outline:

  TUESDAY, JUNE 25, 2013  

10:00 AM
11:00 AM
12:00 PM
1:30 PM
Welcome, Seminar Introduction    

Bob Nimocks, president, Zeus Development Corporation  

Nimocks will review the objectives for the day's meeting, and overview the conference's agenda.


2:00 PM
Using Mobile Fuelers to Expand LNG Usage in Exploration and Production    

Brian Murphy, engineering manager, Ensign Energy Services  
    Ensign uses mobile fueling solutions to power its drilling rigs across America. Opportunities for their deployment with fracturing operations are also unfolding. Murphy has been asked to discuss Ensign's mobile fueler experience and the role they could play in broadening LNG usage in exploration and production.  

2:30 PM
Inventorying, Deploying Mobile Fuelers to Expedite LNG Availability    

David Hill, vice president, Encana  
    As one of North America's largest gas producers, Encana has been quick to see the potential for mobile LNG fuelers. The company works to provide responsive solutions to many fuel consumers, including railroads, trucking and drilling operations. For example, it has used mobile fuelers as an effective means to supply LNG to frack-water transportation fleets in the Haynesville Basin, which lies across northwestern Louisiana and northeastern Texas. Hill has been asked to describe the role he sees these units serving as producers work to expand markets for domestic natural gas.


3:00 PM

3:30 PM
Safety and Siting Issues for LNG Mobile Fuelers    

Kirk Richardson, Texas A&M  
    Texas A&M University is the leading authority on LNG fire safety. Richardson has been asked to discuss the issues users must consider as they site mobile fueling units within their operations.

4:00 PM
Stepping Up Manufacturing Volumes of Mobile Fuelers    

Tim Miller, president, INOXCVA  
    INOXCVA has multiplied its LNG storage equipment manufacturing capacity in part to meet rising demand for mobile fuelers. Miller has been asked to review the implications of these expansions for customer delivery schedules and describe his company's unique technological design.

4:30 PM
Mobil Fuelers from an Integrated Supplier, Manufacturer Perspective    

Roy Twymon, energy solutions business development manager, Linde  

Linde, a leading industrial gases and cryogenics firm, is expanding rapidly into LNG supply and operations, fueling its own fleet as well as supplying turnkey solutions to other energy consumers. Twymon has been asked to give insights into how Linde is using its unique technology to expedite LNG delivery to clients around the globe.  

5:00 PM

New LNG Markets via ISO Containers

A new market is emerging for LNG: intermodal container trade. If successful, it will fall squarely between world-scale trade and smaller-scale transportation fuel.  Developers and manufacturers are working to identify and supply consumers too small for conventional LNG carrier ships and terminals but of sufficient size to value LNG over distillate or heavy fuel oil. Manufacturers are able to design containers to store LNG between 55 and 70 days without discharging boiloff methane. This enables them to deliver LNG  to many small and medium-sized power producers commonly found in the Caribbean and Central America.

Thus, traders increasingly are targeting 30- to 300-megawatt power producers and other consumers that rely on $150/bbl distillate.  Many projects are in the works.  Companies, such as Hawaii Gas, Carib Energy and Maersk Line Limited, are unfurling new business ventures to serve these consumers. Thousands of opportunities may open as momentum builds and infrastructure is established.

Join us on June 26 as we examine this exciting new market, bringing together developers, manufacturers and users to describe new applications and business opportunities.

Workshop Objectives:
  1. Discuss the opportunities for small-scale LNG trade and distribution via intermodal LNG container
  2. Quantify the size and nature of markets. Compare to conventional LNG delivery methods. 
  3. Examine the potential for intermodal LNG usage in rail operations
  4. Learn from intermodal LNG system operators, manufacturers and transporters
  5. Evaluate the potential for intermodal LNG as a bunkering solution for LNG-fueled ships
  6. Identify the leaders pioneering projects and evaluate investment opportunities and challenges
  7. Study opportunities to use ISO containers as a method of supplying fuel to industrial or exploration and production operations
  8. Consider the rate of growth for future demand

Program Outline:

  WEDNESDAY, JUNE 26, 2013  

7:00 AM

8:00 AM

9:15 AM

10:45 AM

12:00 PM
1:15 PM
Welcome, Introduction    

Tom Campbell, manager, Zeus Development Corporation  

Campbell will provide the context for the day's meeting, review the objectives, and outline the agenda.  
1:30 PM
Jamaica: The Ideal Market for LNG Containers    

Stephen Wedderburn, advisor to Jamaican Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller  

Jamaica is a highly interesting market for intermodal LNG due to a robust economy, massive mining interests and strong demand for electric power. Moreover, the country failed to establish a full-scale floating storage regasification unit.  Thus, a smaller-scale intermodal container terminal may better suit its needs.  Wedderburn has been asked to discuss Jamaica's potential for LNG and why he believes his country serves as an ideal market for containers.  

2:00 PM
Intermodal LNG Service: An LNG Suppliers Perspective    

Shaunt Hartounian, vice president, Applied Natural Gas Fuels  

Applied Natural Gas Fuels liquefies and distributes LNG from its Topock, Ariz. plant, via highway tanker trailer and intermodal container to consumers in the U.S. and Mexico. Hartounian has been asked to describe the issues to consider when matching liquefaction plant operations to intermodal distribution and market development.  

2:30 PM
Integrated ISO Container Distribution: Lessons Learned from Abroad    

Calum McClure, president, Liquiline North America  
    Liquiline, an independent provider and operator of LNG infrastructure, offers a 40-foot LiquiTainer® designed to carry LNG with 80-day hold time.  The company has experience transporting via truck, rail and sea since 2005.  McClure has been asked to describe lessons that can be drawn from European experience, especially from marine drag-and-drop applications.  


3:00 PM
3:30 PM
Inland and Intercoastal Intermodal Distribution    

Gary Van Tassel, manager, LNG technical, Argent Marine

    The inland and intercoastal waterways of the United States have long served as a major means of transporting a variety of products around the country. In keeping with increasing demand for LNG from different operations, Argent Marine and Maersk Line Limited have developed an intermodal LNG barge concept to serve "drag and drop" industrial and transport operations. Van Tassel will review the potential for the design, as well as markets he believes the technology will serve.  

4:00 PM
Enabling LNG Bunkering via Intermodal Containers    

Alex Harsema- Mensonides, manager, business development, Marine Services GmbH  
    The growth of the globalized intermodal container trade has meant larger ships with high fuel costs. The use of LNG in these vessels, while appealing for cost savings, has been handicapped by difficulties in tank placement. Haresema-Mensonides will discuss Marine Services intermodal fuel tank solution to enable container vessels to use LNG fuel carrier on "drag and drop" intermodal containers.  

4:30 PM
Managing Boiloff at Intermodal LNG Delivery Points    

Keith Hall, director of engineering and product development, Wesmor  
    Upon delivery, most intermodal containers are coupled with vaporiization systems.  Pumps may not be available to transfer the LNG, in which case heat is added to build pressure for transfer for fluid transfer.  Boiloff management becomes key. Hall has been asked to discuss how users can effectively design and manage vaporization systems to minimize boiloff.    

5:00 PM

Outdoor Exhibit and Tour

June 25, 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. – Mobile Fuelers, ISO Containers Exhibit at Wyndham Houston West Energy Corridor.
June 26, 8:00 a.m to 11:00 a.m – Wesmor LaPorte Manufacturing Tour

On June 25, manufacturers of LNG mobile fuelers and ISO containers, will display mobile LNG fuel delivery systems for participants to examine. Representatives will answer questions onsite. Participating organizations include:

  • Linde
  • WesMor 

On June 26, WesMor Cryogenic Companies will host a tour for qualified participants of its La Porte manufacturing facility where LNG ISO containers and trailers are built.


Tour Schedule : June 26, 2013 Schedule subject to change. Please check back for updates.

Weather forcast High: 91 Fahrenheit Low: 75 Fahrenheit. Light clothing is recommended and close-toed shoes are preferred. No Cameras are allowed.

7:00 AM
Registration Opens & Breakfast (First Floor of Wyndham Hotel)    

8:00 AM
Bus departs Wyndham Hotel for WesMor facility    

9:00 AM
Arrived at WesMor, La Porte, TX facility    

9:15 AM
Tour at WesMor facility    

10:45 AM
Bus departs facility for return to Wyndham Hotel    

12:00 PM
Bus returns to Wyndham Hotel, followed by Networking Lunch & Seminar Presenations (View full details and schedule here.)    



Keith Hall, director of engineering and product development, Wesmor

Keith Hall recently joined WesMor Cryogenic Companies as Director of Engineering and Product Development. He also authors Cryogas International’s The Basics column, and is a regular feature article contributor. Keith graduated from Brigham Young University with a BS in Manufacturing Engineering Technology. He worked for Lockheed Martin for ten years doing R&D of materials and processes for space launch vehicles, followed by seven years in engineering at Taylor-Wharton Cryogenics. Keith comes to WesMor Cryogenics from Cryogenic Vessel Alternatives where for the past eight years he managed engineering and product development among other things. Mr. Hall holds seven US patents.

Alex Harsema-Mensonides, manager, business development, Marin Service GmbH

Alexander Harsema-Mensonides (Netherlands 1965) has been involved in LNG since 1999. Initially he studied Economics at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, but eventually graduated in mechanical engineering from the Hanse Polytechnic Institute in Groningen. From 1993 he worked in various technical and commercial positions in the shipbuilding industry in the Netherlands. In 1999 he founded MPT Consultancy, a marine propulsion consulting firm, advising customers like GE Energy, ABB Marine and Caterpillar. Since 2008 he’s been doing business development for Marine Service GmbH in small scale LNG, LNG as marine fuel, LNG shipping and floating LNG solutions.

Shaunt Hartounian, VP of business development & strategic relations, Applied Natural Gas Fuels, Inc.

Mr. Hartounian came to Applied Natural Gas Fuels, Inc. from Clean Energy Fuels, in September 2012. He is responsible for strategic partnerships, product development, and sales and marketing strategy. During his 9-year tenure at Clean Energy Fuels, he led the company’s heavy-duty vehicle initiatives while working closely with the nation’s largest fleets and shippers to develop the market for natural gas as a trucking fuel for the nation’s ports, intermodal terminals, warehouses, and distribution centers. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Communications with an emphasis in Marketing and Rhetoric from Biola University in Los Angeles. He has also been serving as a State Board Member for the American Lung Association in California since 2010.

David Hill, vice president, natural gas economy operations, Encana

As vice-president, natural gas economy operations at Encana, David works to increase the use of natural gas in the power generation and transportation sector through advocacy, strategic partnerships and infrastructure to enable market development and acceptance. He is also the Natural Gas Vehicle Drive Project champion. He joined Encana in November 2002 and has more than 25 years of diversified experience in the oil and natural gas industry.

Calum McClure, president, Liquiline North America

Calum McClure has worked in the energy shipping industry for over 15 years. As president of Liquiline North America, he has responsibility to develop Liquiline’s North American business activities in LNG infrastructure, logistics and distribution markets. Prior to joining Liquiline, he spent over ten years with Teekay Corporation, a leader in LNG shipping. Calum served in a number of senior management positions including VP, innovation and technology, and VP, Teekay marine services, working internationally with LNG projects and operations. He has a degree in naval architecture from Newcastle in the UK as well as a master of business and administration from the University of British Columbia.


Tim Miller, president, INOXCVA

Mr. Miller brings more than 20 years in fabrication service and sales. He is currently growing the business for INOXCVA in Baytown, TX, where he is increasing both revenue and account base through new business strategic markets. Prior to joining the team at INOXCVA, he was President of US Tank and Cryogenics, Inc. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing from Southeast Missouri State University.

Brian Murphy, engineering manager, Ensign United States Drilling Inc.

Brian R. Murphy is engineering manager for the U.S. Division of Ensign Energy Services, one of the world’s leading land-based drilling and well servicing contractors – with more than 7,000 employees serving customers in 12 different countries. Mr. Murphy is responsible for advancing natural gas as a fuel source throughout the organization. He joined Ensign in early 2012. Prior to this, he was involved in the energy sector developing and leading what is now General Electric’s solar division. Mr. Murphy’s career has involved management and project leadership on three continents for companies as diverse as Alcoa, Magna International, CH2M HILL, Saint Gobain, Pioneer Electronics, and LG Electronics.

Robert M. Nimocks, president, Zeus Development Corp

In 1991, Nimocks founded Zeus Development Corporation to provide information and analysis to clients competing in world gas trade and development. Since the founding, the company has expanded its areas of expertise to include the monetization of other hydrocarbons, such as coal, tar sands and biomass and the commercialization of new technologies to upgrade undervalued hydrocarbons into premium fuels and products. The firm serves some 2,000 customers and clients, including major energy companies, governments, oilfield services firms, etc.  Zeus' extended enterprise includes about 35 staff, executive consultants and independent researchers. Nimocks assists clients in four broad areas:

  1. Natural gas supply: For three large gas-import markets, Chile, Israel, and Italy, Nimocks has assisted utilities and governments identify, assess and negotiate gas supply as well as the construction of infrastructure necessary to import volumes of gas up to 5 billion cubic meters per year (500 million cubic feet per day). 
  2. Feasibility: Nimocks specializes in assisting developers maximize returns on prospective capital projects while preparing feasibility documents that accurately communicate the investment opportunity to banks and third-party investors.
  3. Business expansion: Nimocks has assisted more than 20 manufacturers, process licensors, EPC firms, and investors evaluate and set strategies for growth in the gas-monetization industry.
  4. Investment assessment: Nimocks has assisted numerous institutional investors evaluate equity investment and trading strategies concerning publicly traded competitors in the LNG, gas conversion and E&P industries. He also has assisted banks conduct due-diligence investigations of borrower capital projects, including bond investments.
A former consultant with Accenture, Nimocks earned bachelors degrees in science and business administration from Mississippi State University in 1981 and an MBA from Harvard Business School in 1987.

Kirk Richardson, training manager,Texas A&M

Kirk Richardson is a training manager for the Emergency Services Training Institute (ESTI), a division of the Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX),Texas A&M University System. ESTI is known worldwide as a provider of emergency response training. Mr. Richardson has been conducting hands-on LNG emergency response training for a wide variety of clients for the past 27 years.

Roy Twymon, energy solutions business development manager, Linde

Mr. Twymon is responsible for leading Linde’s LNG business effort in the Mid-Continent and Gulf Coast regions. He has more than ten years of diverse experience in the oil and industrial gas industries, having held roles in business development, asset management and energy management. Prior to joining Linde in mid 2012, he worked at Prometheus Energy and Air Liquide. He earned his B.S. in mechanical engineering from North Carolina A&T State University and his MBA from the University of Houston.


Gary Van Tassel, manager, LNG-Technical, Argent Marine

Gary Van Tassel is responsible for the technical aspects of Argent Marine's LNG programs. He is a naval architect and marine engineer by training. Having joined the company at its inception and with more than 30 years of LNG experience, he is one of the world's leading experts on LNG marine vessels. Shortly after joining the company, he spearheaded the extensive refurbishment and refit of Argent Marine's 125,000 cubic meter LNG tankers enabling them to be successfully placed in service after long lay-ups. More recently, he has devoted most of his attention to the company's bulk and intermodal AT/Bs of which he is the inventor and design developer. Before joining Argent Marine, he served as a Senior Cryogenics Engineer for the El Paso Marine Company. He holds an ME in Ocean Engineering from the Stevens Institute of Technology and a BS in Marine Engineering and Nautical Science from the US Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point. He is a dual license graduate of Kings Point, having earned both deck and engine US Merchant Marine Ship's Officer Licenses.

Stephen Wedderburn, advisor to Jamaican Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller

Stephen Wedderburn’s career spans oil trading, petroleum refining, project finance, independent power, privatization, deregulation and liberalization. He was one of the earliest industry professionals to embrace Floating LNG technology when in 2006 he recommended an FSRU terminal for Jamaica. Mr. Wedderburn was also involved in the conceptualization of a floating LNG liquefaction project in Colombia, which will be the first such operational facility in the world. He has participated in several Caribbean regional energy initiatives, including a PetroCaribe initiative that examined options for introducing natural gas in Caribbean countries.

Mr. Wedderburn has served as Interim CEO of the Petrojam Refinery and has also worked as an investment banker specializing in energy and infrastructure project finance. Mr. Wedderburn currently serves on an energy advisory board within the office of the Prime Minister of Jamaica. He is also a management and public policy consultant, advising multinational clients on commercial, market and investment strategies. He holds a Masters Degree in Public Policy and Management from the Sanford School of Public Policy, Duke University, as well as a Bachelors Degree in Engineering from MIT. Mr. Wedderburn is also an admissions advisor for MIT and is chairman of the St. Andrew college prep school in Kingston with an enrollment of 600 students.

Registration Pricing

Seminar Pricing:

On Site (subject to availability) 
June 25: Mobile Fuelers & Exhibition





June 26: Intermodal meeting (Tour Sold Out)




Both Meetings (June 25 & 26) (Tour Sold Out)






Substitutions may be made at any time at no charge. Cancellations received in writing by May 27, 2013 will receive a 75% refund. Cancellations received in writing by June 10, 2013 will receive a 50% refund. Registrants who do not attend and fail to cancel before June 10, 2013 will not receive a refund.

Special Needs
If you have a disability which may impact your participation in the meeting, please append a statement of needs accompanying your mailed or faxed registration, and you will be contacted to discuss accommodations. Availability of appropriate accommodations cannot be assured without prior notification of need.

Please Note
The conference management reserves the right to make any necessary changes to this program. Every effort will be made to maintain presentations and speakers as represented. However, unforeseen circumstances may result in the substitution or cancellation of a presentation topic or speaker.

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Fifty Mobile Fuelers Soon Expected in Operations across North America, Zeus Survey Finds

Zeus has recently completed a survey of North American truck fleets using mobile LNG fueling units to expedite the uptake of natural gas as a fuel in their operations. The units have made inroads in drilling, fracking, trucking and other industries as an alternative to in-ground fueling infrastructure. Zeus is currently tracking a number of mobile fueling units in selected truck fleets across North America, and expects more to come as additional fleets pursue LNG fuel. The survey is available for free, click here to download.

Zeus Finds Intermodal Operations as Third Potential LNG Market

A recent analysis by Zeus Development Corporation has identified International Organization of Standardization (ISO) intermodal containers to be a new opportunity between world- and fuel-scale LNG projects. The containers offer an ideal method for small demand customers looking to rapidly begin using cheap, clean natural gas in their operations. Zeus has compiled a brief summary of the current status of the market, as well as opportunities it provides for power and industrial customers as well as some transportation applications. The survey is available for free, click here to download.



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