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Houston-based Zeus Development Corp is a 23-year-old research firm that offers comprehensive market intelligence in four areas: 1) LNG world trade, 2) LNG fuels,
3) upstream gas fields, and 4) gasification.
This website provides current news, reports, statistics and forecasts of infrastructure investment, costs, prices, project and gas-field profiles, competitor experience lists, among other information.

World LNG Trade
Expertise, analysis, reporting, project databases, and industry conference/seminars focused on international LNG trade trends and domestic LNG markets.
LNG Fuels
LNG-fueled marine reports, databases of fleets, fuel plants... 

LNG-fueled vehicle reports, databases of fleets, stations, supply...
Upstream Natural Gas
Coverage of natural gas monetization opportunities and developments via concise reporting and a database of over 6,000 gas-containing fields worldwide.
Industry analysis, project data, and topical seminars covering the gasification of undervalued hydrocarbons such as coal, oilsands, natural gas and biomass.
Latest from Zeus Intelligence

Is the ‘Golden Age of Gas’ Just a Sideshow?

The International Energy Agency’s (IEA) World Energy Outlook believes the future for natural gas in North America is bright. Demand in natural gas-based industries has experienced post-downturn recovery. The North American shale gas boom and resulting planned expansion of LNG export infrastructure, and some US$60 billion in planned gas-conversion developments have bolstered future natural gas supply prospects. Despite these developments, some are not so sure that natural gas has such a bright future, characterizing recent enthusiasm as a temporary consideration until natural gas prices inevitably spike...Full Article



New Agreements Spur Export Advancements

In recent weeks, several contracts for the sale and purchase of long-term LNG capacity have either been finalized or advanced. Increasingly customers looking for long-term stability of supply are striking deals in light of the uncertainty of North American export regulations....Full Article



 Opportunities Emerge for New LNG Fueled Marine Engine Makers as Market Diversifies

An analysis of Zeus’ LNG Fueled Vessel database has shown that with growing interest in new applications for LNG fuel, engine manufacturers interested in entering the market will have a chance to craft a business opportunity..


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Shell's LNG fuel retreat offers lessons for young industry, Zeus finds

HOUSTON-April 1: Despite entering the liquefied natural gas (LNG) fuel market with great fanfare in 2011, global oil and gas firm, Royal Dutch Shell, has retreated in recent weeks from plans to develop production capacity throughout North America. Zeus Development Corporation, an energy researcher that specializes in natural gas markets, has identified five tactics successful suppliers have been using to outgrow the super major. ....Full Article & Download



Zeus Intelligence Services provides market data and expertise in the areas of World LNG Trade, LNG Fuels, Upstream Natural Gas, and Gasification. We offer (1) topical periodicals and research reports, (2) interactive project databases, (3) conferences & seminars, and (4) consulting services.
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