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Hart Energy Acquires Zeus Intelligence, Strengthens Its Position in LNG Information Markets
HOUSTON (April 22, 2014) -- Hart Energy today announced it has acquired all the information services assets of Zeus Intelligence (zeusintel.com) from Houston-based Zeus Development Corp. Both companies are privately held and terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. Read more.. 

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ND Flaring Abatement Regs May Affect Oil Output

Gas flaring in North Dakota continues to rise. Increasingly, producers focused on oil plays have no available means to monetize natural gas, so it is flared as they focus on development of the liquids instead. The situation has exacerbated people’s perceptions from an environmental sensitivity and economical consideration standpoint, as royalty owners want to end the wasteful flaring of an important resource. In response, North Dakota’s Energy regulator plans to enforce new restrictions on the amount of natural gas that can be burned at oil wells, a move designed to reduce flaring to a level more in line with other states, such as Texas....Full Article



North America Scrambling to Kick into High Gear

In this issue of the Zeus LNG Report, LNG projects and developers around the world have been spared any major setbacks as the global industry has generated positive stories all around.

Europe produced several developments along the floating regasification and storage unit (FSRU) front, with Höegh LNG launching its fourth unit of the year and reportedly being very active in getting Challenger fixed to one of the floating regas projects that are nearing a decision point....Full Article



Spot Market Outperforms Long-Term Shipping Rates (For Now)

Zeus has found that shipping companies that are handcuffed by long-term charters for their vessels have been impacted over the last four years in the same way that countries, like Trinidad, have been due to the increasing disparity between long-term and spot market cargo rates.

According to the above graph, beginning in 2010, revenues for LNG shippers Golar LNG and Teekay LNG Partners diverged dramatically. In the four full years beginning with 2010, the first year that data is available for, Golar has collected revenues that have ranged from 57 percent to nearly 150 percent greater than those of Teekay on a per-operating-day basis...

Read more and enlarge chart...


Shell's LNG fuel retreat offers lessons for young industry, Zeus finds

HOUSTON-April 1: Despite entering the liquefied natural gas (LNG) fuel market with great fanfare in 2011, global oil and gas firm, Royal Dutch Shell, has retreated in recent weeks from plans to develop production capacity throughout North America. Zeus Development Corporation, an energy researcher that specializes in natural gas markets, has identified five tactics successful suppliers have been using to outgrow the super major. ....Full Article & Download



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